The Majors Division is the highest level of play in Little League.  It is open to high level players 10-12 years of age. Typical play is fast paced and strategic. The regular season is made up of head to head play with Northland Major League teams (depending on number of teams) and interleague travel schedule with MN Little League District 1 teams, intended to give your player a great overall experience.  The regular season will run early April through late June. Post season starts with a league playoff (depending on number of teams).  Following that, each team will get a chance to participate in a District Tournament (Classic, Firecracker, Raspberry, etc) based on the regular season order of finish.

Player commitment is 2-3 games and 2-3 hours of practice per week depending on field availability. Plan on two post season tournaments.

Registration Fee:   $300

Includes Jersey, Hat, Pants, & Belt. Players will be responsible to provide their own helmet for sanitary reasons.

For players ages 10 & 11 who are uncertain of their division of play, decisions will be made on number of registrations, player's evaluation scores, player/family commitment level, and dialog with the coaching staff. If you have questions contact: Scott Harrington

Scott Harrington

Player Agent