Post Season Teams

Post season teams include an 8/9 All Star Team, a 10 All Star Team, an 11/12 All Star Team  Players interested in participating in the post season must fill out the NLL Post Season Commitment Form and turn it in to their respective head coach by
June 1.

Cost is typically $55 for new uniforms.

Teams are determined by Player Agent and Coaches with the assistance of the Northland Little League Board. Selections will be posted June 15.

All-Stars will play in two tournaments from July 6th – July 31st.  12 year olds could play well into August if they advance through District, State, and Regional tournaments to the Little League World Series.

PLEASE NOTE:  Being chosen for an All-Star team requires a special commitment.  Before committing to an All-Star team, consider the commitment. Plan on 4 - 6 days of practice per week and two weekend tournaments in July. Players are expected to attend all practices and games and must be a priority for your child.  Absences may lead to loss of playing time or removal from team and are at the discretion of each coach and OLL Board.

All-Star Team Goal:
The goal of Northland Little League All-Star play is to win tournament games while representing Northland Little League in a professional and well-respected manner. The goal to win tournament games is an important objective which differs slightly from Little League regular season play. For example, regular season rules which encourage player development through rotation of players in different positions do not apply to tournament games. Additionally, playing time among players may differ and there are no guarantees regarding which positions players play and how long they will play them. With respect to playing time policies, most tournament rules state that everyone must bat at least one time during a game and play one full defensive inning.
Players are expected to attend every practice and every game. PLAYERS must contact the coach directly if they cannot attend. Unexcused absences may result in the player being removed form the team. 
Having a clear understanding of the above noted goal and playing time rules prior to tournament play helps greatly with you and your child’s expectations should your child be recognized with a roster spot on an NLL All-Star team. Our All-Star teams’ success is based on how the team performs as opposed to the strength of any individual’s statistics and/or playing time. 

All-Star Selection Process

Selecting the representatives for NLL’s All-Star teams starts with a player’s parents indicating desire/availability, and agreeing to the expectations for team members (dates, practices, roles, etc). Agreeing to these expectations will get a player’s name on the all-star ballot. Teams are then selected by the NLL Player Agent, Coaches, and Executive Board members.